WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Advises Travelers To ‘Provoke Nerd Fury Online’

Everyone’s favorite snarky uncle stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to dish on everything from his wife’s frightening MMA prowess to that upcoming episode of Parts Unknown shot in The Congo that we still await with bated breath. But Anthony Bourdain also shared tips for the novice traveler (or at least, the traveler not subsidized by CNN). His best advice for those seeking restaurant recommendations abroad?

“Provoke nerd fury online. Go to a food website and say, ‘I just returned from Saigon and had the best pho in the entire world. No one makes better soup than this pho.’ Then hundreds and hundreds of food nerds will pile on telling you how stupid and worthless you are and where you should have gone. Use that information. Go to those places.”

In other words, arouse the ire of elitists. Duly noted. You can check out his whole interview below.

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