WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Shocked And Inspired By ‘Skater Boys And Young Hipsters’ Behind Libyan Revolution

We have to be a little snarky towards the hosts of CNN’s Around The World  for wasting about five minutes of their Anthony Bourdain segment on a clip about a Burmese immigrant’s cooking (which was delicious, to be fair, but weren’t you supposed to ask questions, journalists?!)  One of Bourdain’s more eye-opening observations came when the anchors asked him about his trip to Libya and he spoke not about the food, but the young, anti-Qaddafi revolutionaries themselves.

“A week before the revolution, these kids were playing PlayStation, or going to school in Montreal, or working in Manchester, who went home and in the course of a few weeks became hardened guerilla fighters and managed to topple one of the worst dictators in the world,” he noted. “These are kids — skater boys, and young hipsters, and indie music fans — and the shock and the surprise, and the inspiration to me was to see who fought this war, and who won it.”

Parts Unknown airs this Sunday at 9 PM EST on CNN.

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