WATCH: Anthony Bourdain’s Cameo in Paula Deen’s E! True Hollywood Story

You didn’t know that Paula Deen’s E! True Hollywood Story was airing last night? Dude. We gave you ample warning. In any case, here’s easily the most compelling moment of the hour-long documentary: Anthony Bourdain (charmingly tucked in after Jimmy Carter) coming to her defense — and brutally criticizing Food Network for her untimely demise.

“I’m hardly a fan, if anything, I’m a harsh critic,” said Bourdain of Paula in a red carpet interview, “But frankly, it was ugly to see the same people who were enabling her, kissing her ass, and hugging her the day before tearing her to shreds in the street.”

And that absolutely must be the last word on it. Right, guys? …Guys?

Check out the clip below.

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