WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Talks His New CNN Gig On Piers Morgan Tonight

Anthony Bourdain was welcomed by his new CNN family in an interview on last night’s Piers Morgan Tonight. In it, he explained again why he made the switch from Travel Channel, referencing his newly acquired license to travel to dangerous places, a convenient slideshow of suggestions for which we have compiled here. He went through the Andrew Zimmern Philosophy Of Connecting With Foreign Cultures And Customs Through Food, but then the interview finally skipped to the good stuff.

Did you know, for example, that during the Hezbollah-Israel War, Bourdain was rescued from Lebanon by Barbara Starr and a CNN crew? And, as if to baptize him into the cable news world, Piers asked Anthony to weigh in on the David Petraeus scandal. He deftly replied:

“He’s a military man. We hold people to impossible, ridiculous, hypocritical standards. Should this destroy a great career? Should this alone? I don’t know. But, as has been pointed out elsewhere, look, these are the times we live in now. He certainly knew it. It seems like — it’s shockingly risky behavior, one would think.”

That dizzying feeling you’re experiencing is the fresh air a chef is breathing into cable news. It’ll pass.

Check out the two clips below for more from Tony, including where he’d eat his last meal, and his opinion on the two greatest chefs of our time (and yes, he names them explicitly).

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