Anthony Bourdain On His ABC Press Blitz: ‘We’re Taking Our Orders From Mickey Now’

After an early morning start on GMA, Anthony Bourdain headed straight to The Chew to shoot another press tour spot on the food-centric talk show hosted by old pals Mario Batali and Michael Symon. He managed to half-heartedly cook his way through a brutal pasta demo before eventually backing away and letting Batali and Symon take over. Turns out he had some scarring Martha Stewart cooking segment experience once where she smacked him because he couldn’t figure out how to operate pasta machine. Sounds like dark shit. We’d abandon the mortar and pestle and rest solely on our charms, too.

Other highlights include:

  • Clinton Kelly totally butches out when shaking Tony’s hand. Pssst: It’s okay, Clinton! He’s not that scary in real life!
  • The line, “This is a deeply terrifying experience already. You guys are so caffeinated.”
  • The line, “It’s like a wolf lives at my house” regarding Ottavia’s all-protein MMA diet.
  • What Mario Batali claims is an industry-wide joke about the softer, bronier version of Tony: “The unicornification of Anthony Bourdain.” (Thanks, Ariane. We owe you one.)
  • And finally, about his humiliating press junket in preparation for the premiere of his new ABC show The Taste: “We’re taking our orders from Mickey now.”

Check out Tony’s appearance below.

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