Anthony Bourdain Saves Secret Service From State Dept. Inquiry

Dear members of the Secret Service who were recently in Myanmar and who may have recently thrown a kegger while accompanying Barack Obama on his tour of Southeast Asia: you owe Anthony Bourdain big time.

If you recall, a few days ago, when he and his crew arrived in Myanmar to shoot the first episode of Parts Unknown for CNN, Bourdain offhandedly mentioned that the person who rented his cellphone before him was a member of the Secret Service who “should have deleted their texts” and may or may not have gone to a kegger. Given that the last major Secret Service scandal involved some Colombian prostitute drama, however, members of the media asked the State Department if they were going to investigate.

Perhaps aware that he was 1) getting pulled into an overblown scandal by intrigue-crazed members of the DC Press Corps, and 2) sympathetic towards people with stressful jobs who appreciate alcohol, Bourdain sent out the following enigmatic tweet:

With that, Bourdain has washed his hands of the maybe-kegger and potential international scandal that would follow the State Department’s investigation.


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