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The 7 Best Crowd-Sourced Guesses For Who’s Singing The Parts Unknown Title Music

Anthony Bourdain cruelly (for music fans, at least), teased the title music for his new CNN series Parts Unknown, which premieres April 14th, with incessant Facebook and Twitter hinting. Think along the lines of:

When you hear the new title music for Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown your head will explode, leaving only a smoking stump. When we heard what (redacted) and (redacted) had come up with, there was weeping and jaw-droppage. Wish I could say who it is. Only hint: It’s not a band per se. It’s a one-off collaboration.

Predictably, the comments exploded, and, we have to admit, we’re pretty impressed with some of the ideas. Here’s a combination of our favorite suggestions, including both the most popular answers, and the downright wackiest.

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