Anthony Bourdain Rattles Off His Best Travel Channel Show Ideas On Twitter After Guinness-Gate

On this week’s Dublin-set episode of The Layover, Travel Channel inanely blurred out all the Guinness logos as Anthony Bourdain pulled up to a pub for a hangover breakfast of oysters and mystery beer, because they’re a bunch of weirdos.

Bourdain responded via Twitter in his typical warm and friendly fashion towards Travel Channel, tweeting to a confused fan, “Dumbest shit ever, right?” But it didn’t stop there.

Behold: Tony’s brainstorm for new Travel Channel show ideas, plus a few bonus RTs from exceptional follower suggestions.

See? Even though he quit, he’s still part of the family. He’s still involved. It’s like how you can’t have Glee without Rachel Berry, even when she graduates; Bourdain will always be a part of the process over at Travel Channel. Our hearts are warmed.


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