Anthony Bourdain: Unofficial Spokesperson for In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out got some very nice free PR this week from a certain TV food star, Anthony Bourdain.

We really genuinely don’t understand the deal with this video, except for to make In-N-Out look good (does In-N-Out need to look better than it already is? In-N-Out is food of the gods!) and to let Bourdain talk about the circumference of burger buns some more. So many things we never knew about Bourdain! Nevertheless, West Coasters (and West Coast-East Coast transplants who insist that In-N-Out trumps Shake Shack), Bourdain understands you.

In-N-Out is “the only fast food chain I like,” Bourdain extols, and perhaps even “the best restaurant in Los Angeles.” And he knows exactly how cool that makes him:

I use Instagram a lot. If I were to take Instagram of really interesting people, let’s make up a scenario — me, Christopher Walken, the Dalai Lama, Keith Richards, in a hot tub doing bong rips — pretty interesting stuff you’d think, right? Good for a few thousand likes? And that’s about all I’ll get … However, if I simply take an isolated photo of my In-N-Out burger — an anonymous burger — I’ll something like 50,000 likes in nine minutes.

Now we can’t get that hot tub scene out of our head … or an animal-style burger.

[Youtube h/t Foodbeast]

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