Anthony Bourdain Wants to Have Dinner With Donald Trump

Trumpsicle-borrowed-from-mediaiteFor Anthony Bourdain, eating a well-done steak is probably unthinkable. But, he’s willing to do it. He’s hoping his next dinner guest will be Donald Trump. This week, he sat down with The Daily News and told them that out of all of the presidential candidates, the likely republican candidate is who he’d most like to sit down with. Though, while his dinner with President Obama in Vietnam last week was genuinely enjoyable, Bourdain says he’d like to dine with Trump “for all the wrong reasons,” he said. “I’d like to see him struggle with chopsticks and eat a well done f*cking steak.”

It’s no secret that Bourdain is not the Donald’s biggest fan. In April, he told them there’s no way he’d vote for him. But, he says, “for better or worse, he’s one of ours.”

“We’ve seen this guy for 30 years — how he treats people, what he says and what he does, how he does business every day. So he’s one of ours. Yeah, I’d like to have lunch with that.”

As for what they’d eat? Bourdain says he’d “like to feed him steak tartare.”


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