Anthony Bourdain’s All-Time Top Three Meals: Morning Roundup

Good morning! It’s finally Friday. You made it. Here’s what you need to know before you start your day.

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Today is, apparently, world Nutella day. If that sounds like a holiday that was invented just so you could stick your face into a tub of Nutella and have the excuse that you’re “observing an international holiday,” that’s because it is.




Anthony Bourdain has revealed his three favorite meals of all time. Unfortunately two of them involve you getting on a plane, unless you’re reading this from Tokyo, Japan, or Lyon, France. Here are the meals:

1. Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France
2. Jiro in Tokyo, Japan, and
3. Spaghetti pomodoro in a cracked bowl anywhere.

The Infatuation

chicken wings

The Infatuation reviewed a new Buffalo Wings spot. We have good news and bad news. The good news is, Dan & John’s Wings in the East Village are the best we have, and they’re damn good. The bad news is, if you want them for the Super Bowl, there’s a waiting list. That’s okay. You can just have them for the holiday that is the day after the Super Bowl, which, based on this review, is a holiday you definitely celebrate.




Chef Neal Fraser invited a group of food writers to his restaurant and then served them ingredients sourced from McDonald’s. Eh. Sort of funny ish.


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