Anthony Bourdain’s Lucky Assistant Gets to Work from Home, Hang with Newborn

Considering that Anthony Bourdain does nothing but globe-trot, ingest, and commentate, it makes sense to think that he has some poor assistant nearby at all times to hold his two BlackBerrys, Pepto-Bismol, an ounce of Pineapple Express, and a lint roller. You’d think he sends her everywhere to pick up his daughter from daycare and buy steaks for his wife. This is, after all, what happens when you become a Famous Media Personality: “There’s got to be somebody to receive the emails and phone calls or my head would explode,” he recently told Fast Company.

But considering that 1) his assistant is a new mother and 2) the US’s flexibility with maternity leave is practically nonexistent, it warmed our uterii to read this:

Soon after we started working together, she became pregnant and had a child. I’d had a child just prior to that, so I understood what that meant. I structured our relationship so that just about everything I needed done could be done over the phone or by email or text. We rarely meet, though I like her very much. I don’t need somebody standing next to me with a hairbrush or telling people not to come up to me.

Well, someone’s been spending time in Europe.

[Fast Company]

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