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Richard Blais Minces Beef, Not Words On Burger Lab: ‘The Oyster Is An Aprodisiac Because It Looks Like A Vagina!’

We’re not sure if you’ve secretly always wanted to hear Richard Blais explain to you the finer points of why oysters are considered an aphrodisiac, but in case you’re harboring that desire somewhere deep within you, he gently explains the shellfish’s sultry powers in this week’s Burger Lab With Richard Blais. And he doesn’t mince words. (He does, however, mince the shit out of some filet mignon.)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Richard Blais and YouTube sensaish Chester See whip up an Aphrodisiac Burger together as a surefire way to score honeys on February 14th. Start with a beef tartar burger, add some naughty, vagina-shaped fried oysters, and top with a sexy runny egg for the ultimate date night dish. Or something.

Okay, really all we can recommend to ensure your Valentine’s dinner goes well is to avoid saying aloud to your date that oysters look like vaginas. Blais is a handsome and charming gentleman who pulls it, and mustard-colored shirts, off. But we cannot condone either of these moves in real life.

Check out an all-new Burger Lab with Richard Blais below.

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