Buy This New Issue Of Lucky Peach, Or Ted Nugent Will Shoot This Cat

It’s nearly time for the “Apocalypse” edition of Lucky Peach to hit newsstands (because, remember, the apocalypse didn’t happen), and the editors gave us a sneak preview of the issue’s cover. We noticed this particular story right away, and we’re not sure if it’s because it makes a very clever reference to a classic National Lampoon cover, or because we’re pretty sure Ted Nugent would actually shoot all the pets in the world, given the chance.

But there’s more in this issue than Ted Nugent’s gun issues! From the tumblr:

Inside you’ll find a massive interview with a little-known writer named Michael Pollan, a comic collaboration from Tony Bourdain and Tim Lane, stories of werebeavers, and all manner of strangeness and grossness you expect from us taken to apocalyptic extremes.

The cover also hints at stories involving the following:

  • Magnus Nilsson roasting a futuristic chicken
  • An expose on how Spam can age like fine wine
  • And how to cook for a dinner party full of zombies.

Check it out below — or go to the tumblr for a hi-res version.
[Lucky Peach via Anthony Bourdain]

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