Apparently Alan Wong Is One Of President Obama’s Favorite Chefs

When President Barack Obama managed to schlep back to Hawaii after the end of the fiscal cliff negotiations, he may have disappointed millions with his inability to negotiate a deal on the debt ceiling/the Bush tax cuts/what have you, but he didn’t disappoint Chef Alan Wong: Barack and Michelle had a date night at Wong’s Honolulu restaurant last night.

As Obama Foodormama breathlessly reported, “security was tight on the busy King Street as the President and Mrs. Obama arrived, with locals tweeting about the Presidential presence and noting snipers on rooftops and street closures. Anything, of course, for a chance for Obama to dine at Alan Wong’s place — after all, Wong is apparently one of Obama’s favorite chefs, having hosted the couple at his restaurant multiple times, and was the guest chef at the White House’s first Presidential Luau. (Also, he’s a member of the American Chef Corps, conclusively proving his Obama-ness.)

According to Wong, Obama’s favorite entree at the eponymous restaurant is Twice Cooked Soy Braised Short Ribs with Ko Choo Jang Sauce; Obama’s favorite sport is basketball (and sometimes golf), and Obama’s favorite Hawaiian hobby is naming all the orange crabs he finds on the menu “John Boehner.”

[Obama Foodorama]

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