April Bloomfield To Set Up Shop At Fergus Henderson’s Resto

Michelin-decorated British chef Fergus Henderson often visits April Bloomfield’s New York City restaurants, The Spotted Pig, The John Dory, and The Breslin for short stints Bloomfield affectionately refers to as “Fergustock.” But now Henderson is inviting Bloomfield back to the motherland to cook in his restaurant St. John for two days to mark the launch of her book A Girl and Her Pig.

She’ll cook alongside Fergus for lunch and dinner on October 30th-31st (Halloweek! Except not, because that’s not a thing in Europe, but you know) in celebration of the book, which hits shelves November 1st.

Reservations for A Girl and Her Pig at St. John Chinatown open September 1st, just as the bits of Olympic confetti begin to disappear off the sidewalks (we hope). Psst, Londoners and foodies, alike: you can come out now! The Olympics are over and you can safely hit the streets once more, without fear of running into urine-soaked swimmers, drunk international spectators, or snark-faced teenage gymnasts. Exit your bomb-shelters and, for the love of The Queen, start pouring your money back into the restaurant industry.

[Bloomberg News via Eater.]

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