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April Bloomfield Kicks Off A Girl And Her Pig Book Tour

Who doesn’t love a lady pork aficionado? They’re arguably our favorite kind of aficionado. The Spotted Pig‘s chef/owner April Bloomfield just released her latest book A Girl and Her Pig (are she and Goat Girl Stephanie Izard friends, yet?), and is kicking off a book/cook tour this summer.

Stops along the way include dinner and drinks with Sean Brock (he’s got the lamb roast while she makes the sides) in Charleston, stepping into the kitchen of Perennial Virant with Paul Virant, Bruce Sherman and Paul Kahan in Chicago, and preparing dinner with F&W Best New Chef Jenn Louis in Portland and Matt Dillon in Seattle. She also meets up with Jessica Boncutter and Russell Moore in California, though what they’ll be doing hasn’t been announced yet.

A Girl and Her Pig features classic British pub fare and presumably lots of recipes for things to do with the pig resting on her shoulders on the cover. First of all, anyone who makes a cookbook about British pub fare is a brave culinary soul. Second of all, the fact that she managed to make pub fare seem darling is straight up crazypants and she should be commended.

Congrats, April!

[The Daily Meal]

This post was updated to include additions to the tour schedule.

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