April Bloomfield’s Culinary Education Cost a Grand Total of $287.51

The average yearly tuition for culinary school in the US is upwards of $30,000. The loan burden on a culinary school grad can reach $50,000. Student debt is a Big Societal Problem. But according to a WSJ profile of April Bloomfield, the British chef rose to fame by paying merely £180 for her culinary education — about $287.51 in US dollars, according to the latest exchange rates.

Even counting for inflation — Bloomfield enrolled in cooking school at the age of 16 — she still would have paid roughly $500 USD for culinary school, which is essentially one student loan payment for a normal culinary school grad.

Is culinary school a useless investment, given that Bloomfield’s one of the highest profile chefs in America and she paid that little for her education? Is it worth taking out a crushing loan for the sake of a infinitesimally tiny chance at fame? Would it make more sense to get an education by actually working through kitchens, gaining hard-earned skills over years of little pay, rather than take a route that many chefs cast doubts upon?

Thoughts, Class of 2014. Thoughts.


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