WATCH: April Bloomfield Steals Rosemary With Sean Brock

April Bloomfield recently went on an “Epic Book Tour” to promote her cookbook, A Girl and Her Pig. Luckily for us, she filmed some of her adventures, and the two videos she has posted so far have firmly cemented our desire to be friends with her.

First up, April went to Charleston, SC, to hang out with Sean Brock, spit roast a whole lamb, and drink 107-proof whiskey. But the best part of the video, by far, is when April and Sean steal some rosemary from a bush down the street from the restaurant, which Sean then attaches to the end of a shovel to make a rosemary brush. Well, that and the montage of the two laughing that the clip ends with.

Then April went to Chicago, where she hosted an event at Perennial Virant and pickled all kinds of things with the owner, Paul Virant. We never thought pickling would be entertaining to watch, but somehow April and Paul make Mexican, pickled tomatillos really cool. Also really cool? April and Stephanie Izard meeting at the Greencity Market. That’s pretty much the face anyone would make if they had the chance to meet either of these awesome chefs.

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