WATCH: April Bloomfield Takes Willie Geist’s Cooking Segment Virginity

Today was Willie Geist’s first day as full-time co-anchor on The Today Show (miss you, Ann Curry!), and the lovely April Bloomfield was on hand to guide him gently through his first cooking segment. She dressed up for the occasion, applying an uncharacteristic touch of makeup, and set off on a nice, relaxed Scotch egg demo, followed by the warm, spooning embrace of a bowl of porridge.

The pair has apparently worked together once before — breaking down a whole pig, snout-to-tail, Geist recounts in the clip below — but this was Willie’s inaugural Today Show cooking segment, and April expertly eased him through it.

“That’s it! You’re a natural,” she encouraged while he pounded out the meat patty in which they would envelop the soft-boiled egg.

“Oh my,” Willie cooed as April sliced open the finished egg.

“That looks pretty sexy, doesn’t it?” April asked as the yolk oozed.

Check out the clip below, which is totally SFW, despite our romantic interpretations.

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