Only Recently Has April Bloomfield Discovered The Luxury Of A Two-Day Weekend

Lurking underneath the simple, fluffy Financial Times article where April Bloomfield describes her weekend plans is a more interesting story. While we care about how she likes to eat at Eataly, or shop at the Union Square Greenmarket, or even buy all sorts of ceramics and such at Sur La Table, it’s intriguing to discover that only recently did Bloomfield even allow herself to have a two-day weekend.

“For many years I never had a weekend off,” she told the Times. “So when I opened my last restaurant, I decided to take them back for myself. Now those two days are my sanctuary.” If we interpret that to mean that she started taking weekends off after Salvation Taco opened last week… holy butchered cow, that’s a lot of non-weekends. We mean, it makes sense, because four acclaimed restaurants, a media fiefdom, and the occasional Ramsay feud undoubtedly eat up more than their five-day share.

For the reader who does have a weekend off, check out the profile, because she deserves wine with her bath more than you do.

[The Financial Times]

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