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Are Perfumers The New Vintners? Six Scents That Seem A Little Too Drinkable

Earlier this week, we reported on a survey that found 55 percent of people are generally annoyed by the words used to describe wines. What, pray tell, does “Hedgerow” taste like? How does “vegetal” feel on the palate? This very editor was once offered wine with “notes of wet hay” (at a fabulous Williamsburg restaurant that shall remain nameless), and is confused to this day at who would possibly find that appealing.

Now, it would seem, perfumers are latching on to the weird-note culture in the hopes that people really love odd flavors that crop up in unexpected ways. Food Beast tipped us off to a whiskey cologne, developed by new frangrance brand Commodity. Their whole hook is finding scents that interact with an individual’s skin, and keeping the scents simple and relevant to daily life. So, after you’re done drinking that 2008 Chilean Syrah, aged in antique American barrels, you can spritz on a cologne that smells like oak.

Here are some other perfumes that mimic the art of wine-making, with notes of everything from blossoming Tonka bean, raspberry, plum, pink pepper, and — yep! — mown hay.

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