WATCH: Aretha Franklin Murders A Cooking Segment On Today

This is why live cooking segments are better left to chefs and not celebs. Because what happens when you put a matriarchal soul singer in charge of anything? Watch Dionne Warwick‘s season of Celebrity Apprentice to find out. Alternatively, you can try to sit through Aretha Franklin‘s peanut butter shrimp cooking segment from The Today Show this morning. Aretha seemed to fundamentally misunderstand that her cooking segment was timed and appeared hellbent on displaying her process start-to-finish during her 4 minutes on air. The poor Today Show hosts try to rush her while visibly getting an earful from production, to no avail. Aretha patiently suggests that NBC extend her time, if they were, in fact, running out of it.

Check out the death of dump and stir below.

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