Tonight In Food TV: ‘Thai Women Are Laughing At Me’ On Around The World In 80 Plates

On tonight’s Around the World in 80 Plates, the cheftestants are in Thailand, where they’re tasked with creating authentic Thai food to impress the locals. Judging by how hard the ladies in the marketplace laugh when they try to carry baskets of coconuts, that’s not going to be easy. On the bright side (for the others, anyway) Jenna has finally found a language she can’t speak, so all of the cheftestants are equally lost and confused. Avery is struggling; she finds the language barrier, jet lag, and her partner Jenna all exhausting. John isn’t any happier, leading an out-of-breath Nookie on a sprint through a rice paddy while complaining that he’s “dead weight”. At this point, we’re not sure any of the cheftestants can stand each other anymore.

Check out the sneak peek below!

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