Art Smith and Lorena Garcia Cooking Together At The DNC Like BFFs

While we’ve extensively covered the gay best friend thing going on between Art Smith and Lorena Garcia, we’re happy to learn that it wasn’t just a giant act conceived by the producers of Top Chef: they are really biffles in real life, and they are currently running a pop-up restaurant at the Democratic National Convention together. (Above, the two, wearing matching friendship hats.)

Appropriately, the Charlotte, NC pop-up is called Chicka-Boom-Boom. Wait, is that a jab at that other chicken thing Art Smith hates? “Oh you bet it is,” he sassily tells Bravo. Chicka-Boom-Boom’s poultry, he states, “is sexier, more delicious and a hell of a lot kinder.”

If you didn’t get it by now, Art Smith is gay and liberal and gladly supports the president: he cooked for Barack Obama back when they both lived in Chicago. “We looked at the polls and one of the things where the president is really ahead of Governor [Mitt] Romney is that he’s very loved in Latin America and he’s very loved in the LGBT community,” he says. “So now you’ve got sassy and sexy together with Lorena and I.”

Much like the convention, the pop-up’s last (well, only) night is tonight starting at 10 PM, where Art and Lorena will be serving arepas, fried chicken, shrimp and grits, and other delicious things that scheduled speaker Bill Clinton will never be able to eat again.

Here is a video of their sassy gay friendship!


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