WATCH: Art Smith Admits He’d Marry Lorena Garcia If He Was Straight

In case you didn’t know, Art Smith and Lorena Garcia are chummier than you will ever be with anyone. It’s a natural biffleship, considering both and Art’s husband Jesus and Lorena hail from Venezuela. Plus, something about a fiery Latina and a fabulous gay Southern gentleman just makes sense together, no?

For this week’s Top Chef: Masters Elimination Challenge, Art and Lorena paired up to compete as a team, making one course for a family-style dinner on a Hualapai reservation. They cooked using traditional Hualapai ingredients on the rim of the Grand Canyon (totally gorge — even when it rained in the middle of grilling, still gorge).

In spite of working seamlessly together, they wound up in the bottom two teams. Lorena had immunity from the Quickfire Challenge, putting Art in danger, but, eventually Clark Gaier was sent home, just one week after his partner Mark. Happy reunion?

Check out Art’s profession of love for Lorena below.

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