WATCH: Art Smith Got Moby To Perform At His Wedding By Promising A Vegan Afterparty

Art Smith stopped by Say Anything with Joy Behar last night to dish on his Chef Diplomacy Tour in Israel, his new book Healthy Comfort Food, his renewed zeal in the fight against diabetes, and, of course, his fabulous DC nuptials.

Apparently, he successfully convinced Moby to perform at the wedding by promising to host an all-vegan afterparty.

“I tell you, those vegans are very political,” Art observed. “To be a vegetarian is to love vegetables. To be vegan is to be politically correct about not harming animals.”

And to quell Joy’s confusion over how harvesting milk and cheese harms animals: “You’re making those poor little cows suffer!…I don’t know, don’t ask me, honey.”

Check out highlights from Art’s appearance below.

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