WATCH: Art Smith Honors Julia Child On The Chew

Things we learned about Art Smith from his Julia Child dedication on The Chew:

1. Julia Child lived down the street from Oprah.
2. Art has fried chicken for The French Chef.
3. Art has fried chicken for Julia Roberts.
4. Art is a name-dropper.

But he’s also henceforth going to be known as “Time Machine Chef Art Smith,” so we forgive him.

The Chew invited Art to cook on a “Carla’s Comfort Food” segment to honor the late, great, 100th birthday-celebratin’ Julia Child. He and Carla Hall made Crepes Suzette a la Julia, complete with flaming bourbon, in the very spot Julia cooked in all those years ago (The Chew shoots on the same sound stage!).

If you haven’t reached your fill quite yet of our favorite warbling TV chef, check out the clip below to watch Art, Carla, and Julia cook together. (No, there is not a JC hologram, but there should have been, and are we really the first ones to think of that?)

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