WATCH: The Taste’s Deluded Elimination Playouts Are the Best Thing Ever

You know what’s better than airing a teaser of the predictable drama on next week’s episode or getting us pumped about the forthcoming celebrity guest judge as The Taste’s playout? Airing a montage of the latest eliminated contestant’s deluded farewells.

Last week brought us Reina’s disturbing lack of grasp on reality. This week? Blogger Audrey’s secret medical condition revealed! It was her body telling her that it was time to go. Not her mentor Marcus Samuelsson booting her off the team after the rest of it unanimously voted her to be the one who should leave, because she was more obsessed with promoting her blog than she was interested in learning how to cook.

At least she didn’t let down her fans. *sniff* Check out her elimination reel below.

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