WATCH: Aziz Ansari Gets Racially Profiled In David Chang’s New Show

Once upon a time, comedian Aziz Ansari joined famous restaurateur David Chang and Joe Beef chefs Dave MacMillan and Frederic Morin on a quest to Wilensky’s, a Montreal classic serving grilled bologna-and-salami sandwiches, as part of tonight’s premiere episode of Chang’s PBS series The Mind Of A Chef.

But while David Chang fell in love with the proprietor over her enforcement of strict rules, such as “you will eat the mustard on this sandwich and it will cost you ten cents if you choose not to, you tasteless Puritan” (severely paraphrased), Aziz was busy being racially profiled. See, apparently there’s a Canadian comedian named Sugar Sammy, who also happens to be Indian, and Aziz totally looked like him.

“Don’t worry,” Aziz assures the awkwardly embarrassed white guy. “This is the first segment of ‘People Think I’m Sugar Sammy,’ starring Aziz Ansari. This is the first segment.”

And that is how you deal with awkward racism! Good job, Aziz. Enjoy your bol-slammy sammy.


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