Balthazar Closing? Gael Greene Claims Legendary Restaurant Will Shutter

Breaking news! Gael Greene’s all-seeing Twitter claims that Keith McNally’s legendary Balthazar will shut down:

McNally had recently opened up an offshoot of Balthazar, the cornerstone of his New York restaurant empire, in London — to enthusiastic diners and disappointing reviews. No word yet as to whether his London opening has anything to do with the purported closing of the New York location of Balthazar, which is still very popular among the city’s A-listers.

A reservationist at the restaurant  said on the phone that “as far as we know, the restaurant will not be closing,” pointing to the recent London opening as a proof of the empire’s health.

UPDATE: Eater’s Gabe Ulla Tweeted that McNally, “categorically” denied that any of his restaurants would shutter. So, uh, Gael, what’s up?

[Gael Greene]

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