Brawls: Bar Rescue Host Tussles With Owner Of Ridiculously Named Pub

What would anyone expect to happen when Spike TV applied the Kitchen Nightmares/Restaurant Impossible format to a bar? Big dudes + feelings + alcohol is pretty much the universal recipe for a bar fight. Et voila: Bar Rescue’s TV appeal.

On Sunday’s episode, host Jon Taffer takes over a Denver spot named Zanzibar Billiards Club, where the equally large, tough Israeli owner Ami Benari takes no issue with systematically shooting down Taffer’s suggestions. When he goes after the show’s consulting chef Brian Duffy, however, Taffer goes into beast mode. Taffer said to the New York Daily News:

“This is the first physical altercation I’ve ever been in…I’ve never been hit, or hit anyone in my life. Brian Duffy is a dear friend of mine, and one the nicest people ever. And Ami attacked him in such a personally degrading way, that’s what created the altercation. I can’t stand in a room when people are degraded that way.”

After production stepped in on the shoving match and separated the host and bar owner, everyone cooled off and returned to the task at hand. They made friends, found common ground and mutual respect in order to end the episode in Pleasantville. Personally, we’d start a fight over the new bar name: Solids and Stripes, allegedly an homage to the American dream. What?

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