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Barbara Lynch On Protégé/Top Chef Winner Kristen Kish: Her Victory Is ‘For All Women Chefs’

Of all the people thrilled over Kristen Kish’s victory on Top Chef, only one has the privilege of calling themselves the proudest: Barbara Lynch, the famed chef of Boston restaurants like Stir and No. 9 Park, who is also Kristen’s boss. (Okay, maybe her parents are proud, too, but for the sake of this article, let’s just say Lynch is the proudest.)

“This is so amazing, not just for Boston but for all women chefs,” she told Boston’s Grub Street.

“She totally thinks outside the box and is so creative, which I love. She never does the easy or obvious when cooking…We couldn’t be prouder of our girl. I knew she had it in her!”

…holy cow, she’s right. Kristen’s victory ticks off so many boxes in the “underrepresented chef” list: female chef, minority chef, Boston chef, and of course, “former attractive model who is a total perfectionist” chef. (Name us one other chef who is a former model and a total perfectionist. Go ahead.)

[Grub Street Boston]

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