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Tonight In Food TV: ‘Where’s The Beef?’ on Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef

It’s not a Gordon Ramsay television marathon without insults, sabotage, and flying knives. Tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef have all three, which means it should be a great two hours.

First, tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen is the second part of last week’s fashion show service, and the chefs must prepare dinner during the show. This proves to be difficult for the boys’ team, who are distracted by ogling the beautiful models. The girls’ team takes advantage of this to try and get ahead, although they may end up sabotaging themselves in the end.

Then, on Masterchef, the contestants have to work the breakfast service at a swanky hotel, and all hell breaks loose. Two of them seem to take a page from Gordon’s handbook and stop everything to scream at each other, although they’ll need to work on their insults if they want to be on his level.

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