Tonight In Food TV: Life After Top Chef Goes Behind The Scenes With Fabio Vivini And GMA

Both Fabio Viviani’s web series Chow Ciao and Good Morning America’s web presence are hosted by Yahoo!, so it’s no surprise that Fabs and the GMA crew are BFFs. On tonight’s episode of Life After Top Chef, The Magical Elves go behind the scenes on one of Fabio’s crack-of-dawn appearances.

So, what’s Fabio’s favorite thing about doing Good Morning America cooking demos? They don’t cake on the makeup (the man is not a Barbie doll, folks); he appears to have a close, personal relationship with the food stylists; he and Josh Elliott are total bros; and Fabio and Lara Spencer might be having a torrid affair. No one can be sure. But check out the length of that hug. That’s a warm hug.

Catch a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below, and tune into Bravo tonight at 10pm for Life After Top Chef.

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