WATCH: Hey Girl, Big Gay Ice Cream Created A Boozy Float Inspired By Ryan Gosling

Word on the street is: Ryan Gosling sends ladies’ hearts a-flutter. We weren’t absolutely sure on that, though, until Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint confirmed with a boozy float inspired by The Gos. (What? Some of us thought the Hey Girl meme started with Rachel Maddow…)

They ambushed a VH1’s Big Morning Buzz segment with Dana Delany (who is a big-time fan) today to perfectly represent a physical manifestation of her Twitter account by combining her two loves: Ryan and Big Gay Ice Cream.

The Gosling contains vanilla ice cream (because he’s a big white guy), maple syrup-tossed walnuts (because he’s Canadian), and Gosling rum, for obvious reasons, eg., that ice cream is lame without alcohol.

Check out the clip below.

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