Big Gay Ice Cream Agenda: See Pichet Ong, ‘Terrorize’ With Cuddles

A perfect storm of food celebrity path-crossing brought us the photo below, and we couldn’t be more pleased about it. The Big Gay Ice Cream duo of Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint snagged a table at Elizabeth Falkner’s Brooklyn pizza joint Krescendo, where, lo and behold, they were seated at a table next to Pastry Price Pichet Ong.

Besides being raised among Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s pâtissiers, Pichet had a very fancy gig judging Top Chef: Just Desserts, and currently runs the bake shop at Sugar and Plumm. Commence fanboy geek-out from Doug.

“Ended up eating one table away from @pichetong (whom I terrorized). @ Krescendo,” he tweeted along with this photo:

See colleagues; greet professionally. It’s the Big Gay Ice Cream business model that works!


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