Restaurant Tries to Take Down Big Gay Ice Cream with ‘Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream,’ Big Gay Ice Cream Laughs In Their Faces


Because being homophobic, tone-deaf, and completely the opposite of being self-aware is the only way to sell ice cream … so at least so one restaurant seems to think.

Gallo Nero, just up the street from one of the locations of Big Gay Ice Cream, posted a sign advertising “Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream,” which just vanilla and chocolate soft-serve. (Why would straight ice cream be anything but run-of-the-mill?) Big Gay Ice Cream took notice and called out to its followers on Twitter to maybe say something to the a**holes there (our words, not theirs).

Cool as a cucumber, these guys.

Twitter naturally exploded, of course. Even Perez Hilton got on it. (Gallo Nero hasn’t been active on Twitter since 2012, though, so maybe an in-person approach is the best way to air your “WTF GUYS.”)

Perhaps best of all was the restaurant’s reaction to Gothamist, when asked what was up with the sign. Said the unnamed manager to Gothamist, “What’s the issue? We can call our ice cream whatever we want, … “They have their own way, we have our own way,” invoking stupid Burger King references and MORE HOMOPHOBIA AND STUPIDITY.

But don’t worry, Big Gay Ice Cream is coming out on top. In a new interview with Fast.Co on building a memorable brand, owners Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff revealed a new Big Gay Ice Cream cookbook, and new shops in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Said Quint in the interview, “We wanted you to feel like you’d been slapped in the face with flavor, and we wanted your eyes to bug out and we wanted you to smile.” That you have accomplished, Big Gay Ice Cream — haters going to hate and eat boring ice cream, lovers are going to love and eat delicious Salty Pimps for life.

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