Bikini Baristas Are a Thing In Washington State No One Told Us About

Guys, why are we hearing about the wonderment that is Washington state’s bikini barista culture from Jezebel? We have native Washingtonians who live in our office, we’re shameless crushers of Seattle native Top Chef alum Ashley Merriman, and someone needs to check the Google analytics, but we’re pretty sure we have some readership in Washington state. Why has no one tipped us off?

For the rest of you living tragically unawares of “crotch coffee,” apparently the Pacific Northwest caffeine market is so over-saturated that they have roadside drive-through coffee shacks in which scantily clad women will make you a latte and serve you a danish. What is that even a euphemism for?! The possibilities are endless!

Read lit-rally everything you need to know about bikini baristas here. The legislation is particularly illuminating.


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