Bing Partners With Yelp To Compete With Google And Zagat In Search Wars

Are you a restauranteur? Do you hate Yelp? Do you think Bing is silly and want to Google yourself forever? Then the news that Bing is now featuring Yelp restaurant review content in its search results should make you feel some sort of emotion, like rage, or laughter, or dismissiveness.

To compete with Google’s recent rollout of search results integrated with Zagat reviews, Bing announced that they, too, would do the same thing, but this time with Yelp reviews. It seems like they both need each other right now as Google continues its quest to conquer the world and space: “Google’s decision to highlight Zagat in its influential search results threatens to divert traffic from Yelp,” notes the AP via Huffington Post. “Joining forces with Bing makes sense for Yelp because both online services are locked in battle against Google to attract more advertising from local merchants.”

At this point, though, it’s a bit helpless, because Google’s search engine market share is still more than four times the size of Bing’s.

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