Bizarre Foods Picked Up For 7th Season, Another American Tour

Next year, Andrew Zimmern will return to Travel Channel with the seventh season of Bizarre Foods. It will also be the second season Andrew takes on The States, as the network has re-upped the series under its newly minted Bizarre Foods America hat. On Season 7, Andrew will travel to Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Portland and Washington, D.C., revealing the odd ways we eat Stateside to rival the culinary and cultural customs he encounters overseas.

Interestingly enough, this news comes on the heels of the announcement that Andrew Zimmern is not going to be part of the Diplomatic Chefs Corps, put together by the State Department to deploy chefs overseas for friendly cooking sessions with other nations.

Might Zimm be ever so slightly bitter and hanging out on US soil next season in protest? Nah, he’s probably just dying to show everyone who’s freaked out by fermented plant goop that we eat stuff that’s just as weird here at home.

[Travel Channel]

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