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Michelin-Starred Chef Runs Sweden’s Twitter Account, Is Bombarded With Muppet Jokes

Every week, Sweden chooses one of its numerous citizens to serve as the official Voice Of The Country for a week — meaning that they get to use the country’s official Twitter account, and they can tweet anything they want. Really. Anything.

This week, the official Voice Of A Nation is Björn Frantzén, who has two Michelin stars as the chef of Frantzén/Lindeberg in Stockholm, and he tweets some really awesome things from his kitchen. (For instance: did you know that it takes five tons of apples to make one liter of appleseed oil? Did you know that appleseed oil was a thing?)

As the only other chef in Sweden with two Michelin stars, Frantzén should by all rights be known as Sweden’s most famous chef. Sadly, as the official voice of Sweden, he spent day one being bombarded with harmful, derogatory jokes stereotyping the Swedish people.





In addition to dispelling any degrading notions about the Swedish identity, Frantzén is also answering questions, both in Swedish and English, about cooking and eating like a two-star Swedish chef. Just don’t ask him anything about chocolate mousse or IKEA lingonberries and you’ll be fine.

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