WATCH: While The Rest Of Aspen Does The Food & Wine Classic, Blais Films Horror Vines

We’ve seen tons of fun Vines, Instagrams, and Tweets already from this year’s Aspen Food & Wine Classic, and we’re sure we’ll compile a best-of list at some point, once we’re over our seething jealousy, so that you, too, can feel like you were there, breathing the thin air, hanging out with chefs, and binge-scarfing treats. But while everyone else is showing off photos of their prep work, tweeting memorable quotes from panels, and otherwise documenting happy chef reunions amongst friends who live states apart, Richard Blais is making horror shorts on Vine. Behold: The Blais Witch Project, 3.0 (Or, as we affectionately refer to it: Blais Witch Project: The Thirdening).

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