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Blake Lively Sticks It To Mario Batali, Only Dates Foodies

Is that the face of a woman who doesn’t like food?

Blake Lively is standing by Gossip Girl co-star Leighton Meester and “skinny little actresses” everywhere in what appears to be a collective effort by entertainment industry 20-somethings to prove Mario Batali wrong. He slammed the recent trend of actors judging food competitions, citing an actress from The OC in particular as wildly unqualified to offer food opinions of any kind.

Leighton Meester came out and admitted that she loved watching Chopped and Giada De Laurentiis for culinary inspiration. In fact, she prefers to cook at home rather than go out.

Blake joined in, and, when Marie Claire asked what qualities she required in a mate, she replied, “To be around me, you must love food or I’m the most obnoxious person you’ve ever met.”

She added, “I’m in a big cooking phase. That’s all I’ll talk about.”

Yeah, Mario. She’s in a big cooking phase. HUGE. A big, fat, juicy cooking phase. You don’t even KNOW, Mario. You don’t know Blake Lively’s life.

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