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Blind Contestant Wins MasterChef

Of course, to MasterChef fans, she’s known simply as Christine Ha, because, as those of us who have been watching all season know, her visual impairment has basically been a non-issue in her cooking since that episode where she had to cook a live crab and got pinched.

She’s the “inspirational” story, sure, but she also came on the show wanting to assure the judges and the viewers that she wasn’t a gimmick. She was on MasterChef to be taken seriously as a chef, and that she was. Her three course final meal, which she had two hours to prepare, included a Thai papaya salad topped with crab, a pork belly dish, and a coconut lime sorbet to finish. While much simpler than Josh’s butter poached lobster, shrimp, and grits, roasted rack of lamb, and bacon pecan pie, Christine’s menu was far more cohesive, and, as we knew they would, her flavors packed a punch.

Christine was crowned the winner, and, thus, the Houston graduate writing student takes home $250,000, a cookbook deal, and a sad trophy.

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