WATCH: Blind Cheftestant Bakes Perfect Apple Pie With Zero Pastry Experience

Baking is not cooking. In baking there is no tasting, no guessing, no spicing up, no playing down, no adjusting. Only a recipe, precisely measured out, the success of which is unknown until you bite into your confection. So it’s kind of mind-blowing that MasterChef‘s first blind contestant Christine Ha pulled off a pristine apple pie without so much as being able to tell the color of her crust as it baked.

Christine admitted she was not a baker, and felt fully prepared to go home after this pressure cooker challenge, not knowing what she pulled out of the oven until she placed it before judge Gordon Ramsay for tasting. In a pretty remarkable moment, as far as cooking competitions go, he scrapes the top of her pie with a knife for her to hear how her crust came out before he tastes. Check out the clip below to watch Gordon restore Christine’s confidence in a tearfully inspirational moment.

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