WATCH: All the Things You Can Cook With a Blow Dryer, Because Marcella Hazan Said So

Once upon a time, Marcella Hazan advocated for getting the most succulent skin possible off your poultries by zapping them with a blow dryer after boiling them. The intrepid cooks at America’s Test Kitchen (or “scientists,” as we’re apparently calling them now) hit the lab to see what other foods benefitted from a 200 degree blast of dry air, and, as it turns out, you can perform all sorts of useless MacGyver tricks with a blow dryer in your kitchen.

Give your PTA mom cupcakes a glossy sheen!
Melt s’mores in just under two hours!
Relight your charcoals!

This seems less gross that cooking your Thanksgiving turkey in the dishwasher. Check out a clip below.

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