UPDATE: Bobby and Giada Still Not Dating, Even Though Tabloids Want Them To Be

It’s time once again to ask the age-old question about Bobby Flay and Giada DeLaurentiis: Are they or aren’t they?

They’re not.

The rumor mill is going wild again, and this time they’re going so far as to say that Flay and DeLaurentiis are both in decoy public-facing relationships to hide the fact that behind closed doors they’re a full-fledged couple. According to Starcasm (yes, we know that they’re not the most reliable), the two are planning a secret wedding and are in fake relationships to keep their plans secret.

Since Flay and DeLaurentiis’ respective divorces there has been no shortage of rumors. Flay’s wife accused him of having a whole host of affairs, including one with DeLaurentiis.

The pair has not addressed the rumors much, and when they have they’ve denied them. We’ve confirmed with our friends at Gossip Cop that the two are not together. Maybe it’s time to squash this and move on to someone else?

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