WATCH: Mario Batali Lobs A Faulkner Joke Over Bobby Deen’s Head, Rebounds With Simpler Sex Joke

A reinterpreter of his mother’s heavy Southern dishes Bobby Deen is; a Faulknerd he is not. They may share Southern roots, Bobby and William Faulkner, but Paula Deen’s son so very gracefully ignored Mario Batali during this exchange on today’s episode of The Chew, which was tailgating-themed:

Bobby: Rub the meat, like my mom has always taught me.
Mario: Wow. We’re going into Faulkner temperature there, aren’t we? [Crickets] …Then just rub it in! I’m just rubbing that meat, baby, don’t worry about it! I’m rubbing Bobby Deen’s meat right now, ladies and gentlemen, right here on national TV.

And the crowd goes wild.

Bobby also reveals that Paula isn’t much of a sports fan, then he and Michael Symon talk college ball (which no one understands), and, finally, Mario explains why the cheaper, tougher cuts of beef are more flavorful, scientifically speaking (though, once again, no one understands).

Didn’t they refer to the cast of The Chew as “the great communicators” during last year’s up-fronts?

Check out the two clips below.

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