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WATCH: Bobby Dean Co-Hosts The View, Is Confused About Why Megyn Kelly’s White Santa Rant Is an Issue

Bobby Dean joined the ladies of The View this morning to co-host Hot Topics, chat about how talented Beyonce is at “the online,” and offer a non-update on Paula “Mama” Deen.

Spoiler alert: he had not a single word to say in a segment on Megyn Kelly’s White Santa rant, until he asked Whoopi Goldberg and Sheri Shepherd, “I beg your pardon, but at what age do children begin to ask, ‘Is Santa White or Black?’ Because I don’t have kids, but I have nephews, and I’ve never heard the children ask that question.”

Oh rly, Bobby Dean? We’re shocked — shocked — that your nephews aren’t confused about why Santa is largely depicted to look exactly their own jolly grandfather. We are baffled at why they don’t wonder about how little Timmy down the street must feel about a kindly, present-bestowing, magical human never looking like anyone who could be a part of his family or being anything like him at all.

Worry not, friends. Whoopi comes up with the world’s greatest racial divide-crossing mythology to explain it to small children, and directs it at Bobby Deen.

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